Computer Science 555 - Syllabus -- Spring 2020

Except as noted Lectures are held Monday afternoon from 3:00PM to 6:20PM in WPH-101

Dates may change depending on progress throug the semester.
Links from system names in the syllabus are for general information only.
For the assigned readings in the course visit the reading list.

27 January Introduction and Communication Models PPT
3 Feruary Communication Models: Message Passing, Shared Memory, Remote Procedure Call.
    Systems: Ivy, Linda
PPT@ slide 24
February 10th Distributed Concurrency, Transactions, Deadlock PPT@ slide 63
February 24th Naming and Binding and Location Service PPT@ slide 129
March 2nd Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing, Mobile and Portable Devices PPT@ slide 145
March 2nd Security: Concepts and Distributed Systems, Trusted Computing PPT@ slide 161
March 9th 2:00p.m. - 4:40p.m. Midterm Exam - in class n/a
March 9th Short Lecture After mid-term - Virtualization - Xen, VMWare, Denali, Terra PPT@ slide 206
March 23rd File Systems, File System Performance PPT
March 30th Case Studies - Locus, Athena, Andrew .
April 6th Kernels .
April 13th Scheduling (Scheduler Activations, PRM, Condor), Real-time, Fault-tolerance, and Database support. .
April 20th Grid Computing, Cloud Computing .
April 27th Guidelines for building scalable systems, Selected Topics, Review
Research paper due 5p.m., Friday, 4/27
May 8th 2p.m.- 4p.m. Final Exam -